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The developer of Merc Zone is the Blue Wizard Digital studio. Official Site.

What is BWD (Blue Wizard Digital)?

Makers of the most radical video games in the UNIVERSE!!!!!

Blue Wizard Digital's games include :


Crafters of the most wickedly awesome video games in the hypergalaxy.

About Blue Wizard Digital...

Blue Wizard Digital is a Canadian video game development studio and game publisher founded in 2014 by Jason Kapalka, one of the founders of PopCap Games and an early pioneer in the mobile casual gaming space. It is based in the Comox Valley, British Columbia, and is the only video game studio currently headquartered in Comox, as The Long Dark studio Hinterland is now based in Vancouver.

The studio specializes in campy horror puzzle games, humourous first-person shooters and other innovative variations on existing models of gaming.